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Parent To Parent

Parent To Parent

Parent to Parent provides free support, caring communities, information and hope to families who have a premature baby, a child with a disability, an emotional or behavioral challenge, a mental illness, a chronic health condition or to families who are grieving the death of a child.

Core Services:

  • Provide information for families and service providers on disabilities and health conditions.

  • Match families one-to-one with a trained, volunteer family for emotional support and information.

  • Sponsor support groups

  • Connect families to resources, lending libraries and legislative information.

  • Sponsor free community workshops for families and service providers.

  • Provide newsletters, a website and a toll-free family phone number.

  • Promote collaboration among families and service providers.

"If you need more information or to speak with one of our Outreach Coordinators, please contact Parent to Parent FSN-HC at  or call: (828) 262-6089 or toll free family line: (866) 812-3122."

(828) 262-6089
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